Evaluate Risks & Consequences

The greatest risk in domestic violence is at the time of leaving or after leaving a violent partner.

Risk assessments are critical in domestic violence to ensure your safety.  In order to decide what action to take we need to look at the possibilities whether you like them or believe them.

Assessing risks & consequences will help you:

  • Identify where you need help
  • Understand your options
  • Stay as safe as possible
  • Identify what help is available
  • Decide whether to stay or go
  • Understand triggers and deal with them

Knowing the risks is like walking round a mine field with a map of where the mines are likely to be, it’s simple to keep out of harms way when you know where they are and what triggers them.

For more information on conducting risk assessments request your complementary copy of “Eliminate Domestic Violence” at the top of the page.